Silvia Pikal is a journalist and content marketer based in Calgary.

She’s the editor-in-chief and co-founder of New Forum literary magazine, a platform for emerging and established writers and artists in Alberta that publishes art, poetry, fiction and non-fiction. 

As a freelance writer, she’s covered everything from arts and culture to health care for Alberta’s top magazines, netting a 2018 Alberta Magazine Award for her feature writing. She has a special interest in career profiles and learning more about everything from designing handbags to world-renowned medical research.

She’s worked in the editorial departments of Culinaire and Where Calgary magazines, where she expanded editorial content to include more ambitious features and increased digital engagement across all platforms, along with brand awareness in the community. She was a regular guest on CTV Morning Live, sharing her expertise on things to do and see in Calgary.

Silvia brings her journalism skills – research, interviewing, writing, editing and fact-checking – to content marketing, creating copy for clients like Mount Royal University, Red Point Media & Marketing Solutions, Odvod Publishing and more. 

She has a degree in journalism from Mount Royal University, where she won the C.A. MacLean Journalism Bursary for her health care reporting, and directed a documentary that was screened in the Fairy Tales Film Festival.

When she’s not working, you’ll find her on skates, eating cheese or trying new recipes with her husband, who is the better cook. Connect with her on Twitter @silviapikal.